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Welcome to Cerler - Spain's best kept secret!
The best hidden gem in the whole of the Aosta Valley!
Welcome to Formigal - one of the largest ski areas in the Pyrenees.
It's not just skiing!
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School Ski Trips to Spain

Fortunately, Spain is not very well known for skiing - and what others don't know is your gain!

Whilst the crowds flock to the more traditional ski areas in France, Austria and >Italy, the smart money heads to the quieter resorts in Spain. Spain has two ski areas - the Pyrenees and the Sierra Nevada. The Pyrnees hugs the border with France and has a plethora of high altitude and snow-sure resorts. The Sierra Nevada is as far South as you can go and offers skiers the rather strange option to ski and sunbathe on the beach in the same day!

There are some myths about Spanish skiing that need to be dispelled:

  • The snow conditions aren't very good - WRONG!
    Conditions in the Spanish Pyrenees are equal to the Alps. The ski season starts in December and runs all the way through to April, and sometimes beyond.
  • The resorts are too low - WRONG!
    The majority of resorts in the Pyrenees are high altitude and certainly as high, if not higher, than more well know places in the Alps. The resorts we use in Spain all have skiing that starts at a minimum of 1900m, going above 2500m.
  • It's too warm to ski in Spain - WRONG!
    Whilst the Pyrenees gets more sunshine than the Alps, the climate is very similar which means plenty of good snow but without the biting cold which actually makes it a more pleasant experience, particularly for beginners.!
  • The Pyrenees is not as good as the Alps - WRONG!
    The Pyrenees offers skiing which is every bit as good as the Alps, it's just not as well known as a destination to skiers from the UK. Pyrenees skiing is generally known as being better for beginners and intermediates due to the warmer climate, gentler gradients and superior progression.

Another great reason for skiing in Spain - Spanish. If, like many schools nowadays, your school teaches Spanish as the first foreign language, this is the perfect opportunity to immerse students in Spanish culture and give them a real world opportunity to use their language skills. This educational angle is even a great reason to justify a term time ski trip - it's definitely worth discussing with your SLT.

Ski Resorts in Spain

You can view more about our available ski resorts in Spain - simply follow the links below:

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